Announcement C Secure Coding WG14

Adding a Defer Mechanism to C

I’ve been collaborating with several members of the C Standards Committee and other experts to propose a defer mechanism for C2x. Our initial proposal (which can be downloaded below) presents five design questions that will influence the final proposal. Let me know if you have any opinions below or on Twitter (follow me @RCS).

Optimization Secure Coding Video

Video Killed the Radio Star

I’ve made a few videos over the years. Here are the ones where I kept my clothes on:

REcon 2016 – Dangerous Optimizations and the Loss of Causality
The Secure Developer – Ep. #35, Secure Coding in C/C++
Professional C Programming: Integer Types

And here is what I looked like back in the 1980s talking about the Serpent User Interface Management System (UIMS) developed at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute and programmed in K&R C.

An Introduction to Serpent: A User Interface Management System (1989)